Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Sunday snapshot

Here is what this moment in time looks like in fruit: the last of the season's strawberries, the influx of raspberries, the first hints of cherries and figs. Though the canning pot waits ominously in the background, this day is too lazy and sprawling for cooking fruit, which seems like a sensible but, today, too foreward-looking a thing to do. Instead, we're living in the moment and eating the fruit fresh and naked--save for an occasional smear of goat cheese or dollop of chocolate--as we pass through the kitchen on our Sunday meanderings through the house. 

Guests stopped in throughout the morning to enjoy this day and these seasonal gifts with us, bringing gifts of their own: Chris brought pastry and watched stage two of the Tour with Alex and SB. Gaylen brought advice about gardening, while her lovely girls made fairy dust and had tickle contests with SB. I want the rest of the day to be as easy as this: catching up on last week's Times, hula hoops and basketballs in the back yard, M. Ward on the iPod, an effortless stroll around the block, a salad for dinner with leftover soup, SB's made-up songs drifting throughout the house until bedtime.

Happy lazy Sunday, everyone.

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