Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Technical difficulties

Have lots to write about but no ready access to the Internet. Here are some hints of things to come:

1. What happens when you take your kid to SF MOMA and she falls for the somewhat gruesome and hard to explain work of Frida Kahlo? (Frida tattoos, anyone?)

2. Trashy magazine report: Cookie, Domino, InStyle (the New Yorker is under a pile of dirty clothes in my suitcase)

3. Should we have/attempt to have/adopt a second child? Arguments for and against from a panel of experts and others who have no credentials but lots of opinions.

Check back soon, though probably not until Friday evening when we're back in P-town.


msmeadow said...

The blogs I want you to be Blog BFFs with are:

Do it!

msmeadows said...

Wait, Harlow's Monkey is:

This is what I do when trying to waste time at work but really it's not wasting time because these bloggers are very very smart.

DomaMama said...

Thanks--will check it out. Now, get back to work!

disa said...
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